"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."
Galatians 5:22-23

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4- You say Good bye, and I say Hello

Wow! Only 6 days left until i will be getting off a plan in Grand Rapids. This summer has flow by and now that i am at the end i find my self so thankful for this opportunity and thinking about everything that has happened this summer. I have had so many awesome opportunities this summer to learn about ministry and see if i fit well in that part here is just a little of what i have been able to be a part of:

- Prayers groups
- financial Planning
- Children's ministry
- Worship leader
- Dave organizer
- Event manager
- women's group
- evangelism walk/prayer walk
- listening conversations
- Sports for Life volunteer/score girl
- News letters
- Greenhouse volunteer
- Fire works fundraiser
- Pastoral Visits
- Club 56 (5/6th youth group)
- Oasis (High school/middle school youth group)

So many opportunities, so many wonderful conversations with people from our church, the organizations i have helped with, and around our neighborhood. It is hard thinking about leaving when i have grown so close to the people here. They treated me like family, and i became part of theirs. Here are just some people that i wish i could take to Michigan with me: Dave, Susie, Julia, Anna, Justin, Christina, Gilbert, Beto, Sita, Gilberts mother, Caralina, Micheal, Leo, Diedra, Nene, Erie, Lainie, Tonya, Linda, Shana, Katie, Joe, Taelor, Jesses, AJ, Ralph, Sarah, Roy, Erin, Keith, Edie, Roger, Dave's Parents, Naola, Tanesha, Govan, Giovanni, Yietsen, Gladis, Ginese, Esela, emily, Sade, Kelsy, Julie, Perla, Marlen,Diana, Ravit, Navea, Nahaji, Coco, Elizabeth, Beana, Juliana, Yanet, Louis, Ray, Raul, Edwin, Kimberly, Fred, and many many others. All of them in some way or another have come into my life while i have been here and taught me something.

Yesterday my host mom, Christina, and i were talking about when i have to go. She told me this, "Kristen, you came here a an intern, but you are leaving here as my Friend" Wow. it breaks my heart to tell the kids at the Greenhouse and at Church that i have to go...they want to know when i will come back....ah and i don't have an answer for them...do i want to come back to Sacramento...ABSOLUTELY...when that will be is a little harder to answer. All i know is that the people here mean the world to me, and have helped me grown so much, and i would hate to think that this is goodbye for forever. So as i say goodbye to Friends from Sacramento, at the same time i am so looking forward to seeing friends from home, to see family, and to see Eric. I have missed them all and can not wait to be near them all again. God has been so good to me and i have been greatly blessed with support from friends and family from all over while i have been away! I look forward to talking to everyone about the wonderful people i have come to love here in Sacramento, when i get home to Michigan.

Blessings and see you soon!


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